SWT Titan Mining Services is the only company with the ability to design, test and produce track & undercarriage, tires, and wheels for the mining market.

Track & Undercarriage Components/Systems

The extensive expertise in the design and manufacture of undercarriage components and complete undercarriages, combined with the usage of the most advanced technologies, allow ITM to develop innovative, reliable and competitive products, that meet the highest quality standards.

Along with complete undercarriage systems we also offer component parts including: Track Chains, Track Shoes, Rollers, Sprockets, Idlers and More!

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OTR & Mining Tires

Our On-site OTR tire repair facility features state of the art equipment. We pride ourselves on being able to repair and manufacture patches at whatever site you may be at and our repair rubber is made in Canada. We offer remote site service contracts anywhere in Canada and provide evaluations for putting together a complete tire service program for your company.

We carry a full inventory of sizes at our Fort McKay shop and offer tire selection based on the TKPH values, site conditions, and similar comparisons.

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SWT Titan Mining Guarantee

We pride ourselves on industry leading service. SWT Titan Mining is the only company with the ability to design, test, and produce track & undercarriage components and systems; as well as both wheels and tires for the mining market. Because of this unique ability we offer complete tire, wheel, and track services to end users near large mines.

Contact SWT Titan Mining Services today to find out how we can provide you with industry leading products and services for your mining project.

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